The curtain on the carnival of Chalkida with an impressive closing ceremony, held inside the beach.

The closing ceremony ended after the sea parade, by hundreds of floats and crews, in a spectacular spectacle of music, fireworks, sound and light effects, with the traditional burning of the Carnival King in the sea.


Concert on the beach of Chalkida with STAVENTO and IBI ADAMOU, who come with their hits to set fire to this year’s Chalkida Carnival.

Under the sounds and rhythm of the Carnival, young and old carnival-goers flocked to the beach of Chalkida for the great sea Carnival.

Multi-member groups full of colors and with impressive costumes flooded the beach of Evripos.

The great carnival of Chalkida was presented by the well-known presenter Christos Ferentinos.

The carnival started at 16:00 with the big parade, with a crowd of carnival goers, with floats, inventive costumes and constructions and of course it will end up on the beach of Chalkida, while there will also be a different parade in the sea, with boats and their crews.

Those who attended the carnival had the opportunity to watch a unique spectacle with music, fireworks and the traditional burning of the Carnival king in the sea.