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In the list of the most beloved old films of Greek cinema is also “Bakalogatos” or more correctly “of Kakomoira”, which was shown for the first time in cinemas in 1963.

The unique and inimitable “Zikos” managed with his antics to remain unforgettable and to be loved by the Greek public like few others.

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Very characteristic is the shop of Bakalogatos which, according to those who took part in the filming, was the studio of Finos Film. And who forgets the roads that Kostas Hatzichristos plowed on his bicycle, smiling and singing the “small daily wage”?

Zikos made his bicycle journeys in the present-day areas of Skuzhe Hill while also passing through Sepolia.

In very characteristic moments we see him riding his bicycle on Dodonis, Ioannina and Bosphorus streets.

Once the area was full of flats and wide roads or dirt roads. Today, nothing resembles the image of Zikos on the bike.
Apartment blocks, shopping malls and highways have greatly changed the setting of Bakalogato’s Greek film.

In the video you will see how Skuse Hill and a large part of Colonos were in 1963 and how they are exactly the same places today.