Roberto Justus criticizes Bolsonaro and says he is ‘disappointed: ‘He did everything wrong, coward’


Roberto Justus, 67, said he was “disappointed” with Jair Bolsonaro’s actions after losing the presidential election. Supporter of the former president, he criticized Bolsonaro’s trip to the United States the day before the end of his term and said that the person responsible for the return of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) to power is the former president.

“Bolsonaro was the one who returned Brazil to the PT and to Lula, with the nonsense he did and said that he didn’t need. It was won, he needed to have managed it better”, he commented in an interview with the Pânico program. Justus also criticized Carlos Bolsonaro and said that he is “bellicose”.

“He [Bolsonaro] listen to the wrong people, Carluxos of life, who are belligerent, want to hit everyone. Brazilian women don’t want sexist people riding motorcycles, hitting and cursing”. awkward silence. When he spoke, it was a disappointment. I am disappointed with this type of people, I don’t want this type of attitude anymore, “she said.

The businessman also said that one cannot root against the country and that, if he were president, he would do it differently. “We have to understand that the election was won and that’s it, it’s over. If I were president, I would have gone on the national television to say ‘get ready for the biggest democratic opposition this country has ever seen, I will not let them destroy my country’. But a democratic, legal opposition, without turmoil and mess”, he added.

Source: Folha

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