Luísa Sonza cries when she is forbidden by the record company to release an album


Luísa Sonza, 24, decided to use social networks to tell about Universal’s ban on launching the live project of the tour “O Conto dos Dois Mundos”, with hits from the album “DOCE 22”, released in 2021. This Friday (3), the singer published a video complaining about the former label.

“The fans know that I always dreamed of making a live album, even more so of ‘Doce 22’, which is so important in my trajectory. It hurts me a lot to think that so many people worked on the project and simply did not release it”, he began. The singer, now contracted to Sony, revealed that she intends to transfer the rights to the work to Universal in exchange for authorization.

“They (Universal) can take all the money. I don’t want anything. I just wanted to have my show live. What does it cost? This is my work. I give them all the money they want, everything. They also said no wanted the streams to be split from the album released 300 years ago!

Sonza also recalled that she is in the last shows of the tour and that if she doesn’t get the release, there won’t be any official record of the work. “Since I’m at Sony now, the rights to these songs would go to Sony, but we’re willing to hand them over to Universal. Universal, whatever you want I’ll do, as long as you let me put this one out live. I don’t want to. money, nothing. Me and my fans deserve this”, concluded Luísa.

Source: Folha

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