The tour of the district starts from the traditional tavern of “Katsogiannos”. It first functioned as a milk shop, then became a grocer and finally developed into a historic tavern with homemade stews and the famous kaimaki ice cream.

A little further up the road, opposite the Drapetsonas Municipal Stadium, Dimitris Skarmoutsos visits the fish tavern “O Pharos”, a small, beautiful tavern, with fresh seafood, grilled or fried and a famous shrimp pasta!

The story of the next store begins in 1922 with the arrival of grandfather Polyvios from Pontus. “Polyvios” is today one of the oldest kebab shops in the city, known for its pork skewers, juicy kebabs and handmade soujuki with the traditional recipe.

The last stop is full of sweetness and is for the famous Halva of Kosmides, which today has been renamed “Halvas Drapetsonas”. Here, Dimitris Skarmoutsos tries the old traditional recipes of halva as well as the new trends that prevail.

Returning to the studio, the chef prepares two delicious recipes: sweet and sour shrimp with vegetables and malva with caramel sauce.

See you next week in another neighborhood!

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