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With a flight from Bristol, Great Britain to the airport of Heraklion “N.Kazantzakis” formally starts today, the tourist season for Crete, with the movement of aircraft, showing that a mass arrival of visitors is expected in the last week of March.

According to the airport manager of Heraklion airport, George Pliakas, the flight arriving today in Heraklion is the first scheduled flight from abroad, while the arrival of a large number of flights is expected on the two days of March 25 and 26, reaching 30.

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“The tourist season for the airport and the island is starting, we are ready to welcome our visitors and we are optimistic about this year as well” said Mr. Pliakas, who clarified that the asphalt paving works carried out on a section of the runway of the airport, have been completed.

According to the president of the Association of Tourist and Travel Agents of Crete Michalis Vlatakis, the season will open slowly from March 25 with some charter flights and some hotels opening, while more traffic will be recorded from April 8.

As he pointed out, “at the end of April and the beginning of May, almost all the hotels will open to welcome our guests”. Mr. Vlatakis expressed his optimism for the season, estimating that “we will go at least like last year in terms of numbers and we hope that we will not have to make offers, so that we will also have good financial results”.