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Elon Musk stated that the upcoming documentary about his life is “set up”. Oscar-winning director Alex Gibney, through his production company Jigsaw Productions, has announced that he is preparing a documentary about the South African-born tycoon.

The documentary, which will be titled “Musk,” will be an “credible and unvarnished study” of the multibillionaire tech entrepreneur and CEO of Tesla, SpaceX and Twitter, he explained.

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Responding to the news with a tweet, Musk wrote “it’s rigged” accusing the unreleased documentary as a deliberate attempt to distort his image.

“How can you know?” replied Gibney.

In a statement, Gibney said: “I’ve been working on this film off and on for quite some time and I’m very excited about it. I am excited to have this great team working with me. We are moving forward!”.

Closer Media founder, one of the documentary’s producers, Zhang Xin, added: “Now is the time for a detailed portrait of Elon Musk, who is arguably one of the most influential figures of our time.”