Maíra Cardi makes fun of Primo Rico for non-payment of the platform: ‘Are you out of money?’


The influencer Maíra Cardi mocked Thiago Nigro, known as Cousin Rico, with his finances in a publication on social networks, in the early hours of this Wednesday (8). The bodybuilder complained, in stories on Instagram, that her boyfriend is not paying the subscription to YouTube, which forces her to watch ads for the free version.

“Are you going to tell them or shall I?”, Maíra began. “I have nothing to tell and you have to have proof of what you say”, completed Nigro. “How do you do this test? Dude, YouTube doesn’t pay. Then we have to watch things with a random advertisement break! It’s absurd. You’re out of money, boy? (laughs)”, she mocked, in then.

Laughing at the joke, Cousin Rico continued the game: “I need to borrow some money, love”. Maíra, in turn, continued having fun and reinforced her request: “It’s not possible! We can’t watch a show until the end. Love, pay YouTube…”.

Maíra Cardi and Thiago Nigro, known as Primo Rico, publicly took up their relationship on March 1st. The relationship started four months after her breakup with Arthur Aguiar and a month after the breakup of his romance with Camila Ferreira.

Source: Folha

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