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Ex-BBB Ariadna reveals she is being sued by Ratinho for insinuating presenter betrayal


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Former BBB Ariadna Arantes is being sued by presenter Ratinho. In a publication on social networks this Tuesday (7), the artist spoke about the lawsuit that arose after insinuating that the communicator cheats on his wife. The comment, according to her, was made on impulse when defending criticism made by Ratinho against Anitta, last year.

“The rope always breaks on the weaker side. What I can do now is stay quiet, wait to see what this process will lead to… The most impressive thing is that the person has already offended so many people on national television. But a comment from me on half a thousand on Instagram made him sue me”, vented Ariadna, in a post shared on Instagram.

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In the caption, she explains more details of what happened. “Remember that comment last year he made saying that Anitta was not an example for anyone? another comment. Out of thousands of comments, mine was selected for processing”.

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According to the former BBB 11 participant, the court asked for the comment to be removed, which was done. Still, the process continued. “Anyway, I hand it over to the Goddesses, Exu and Xangô… may justice be done and common sense prevail…”, she wrote.

The case took shape from a discussion between Ratinho and Anitta on social networks. In his program, the presenter even called the singer’s intimate life “disgusting”. In defense of the artist, Ariadna made accusations in a comment: “Said the happily married guy who, when the recording of the program is over, takes one and the other and locks himself in the dressing room. I just can’t say the name… But I saw it.. . I was there”.

Source: Folha

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