In Karditsa his heart will beat amateur theater from 16 to 25 March 2023 as everything is ready for its curtain to open 38th Panhellenic Karditsa Amateur Theater Festival organized by the Union of Cultural Associations of the Prefecture.

The Festival is held in co-organization with the Region of Thessaly-Regional Unit of Karditsa, the Municipality of Karditsa, the Regional Union of Municipalities (P.E.D.) of Thessaly, the Chamber of Karditsa and with the support of the Holy Metropolis of Thessaliotidos and Fanariofersalon.

For ten days, Karditsa is expected to be at the center of nationwide interest with an event worthy of the prestige of the institution which is the longest-running of its kind.
The opening will take place on Thursday 16/3 with the Kozani Theater which will present the parody of “Electra” by Sophocles in the Kozani idiom, “ELEKTRA Sourda”. It is a spartan comedy, which is enhanced by the use of the Kozanite idiom (*Sourdos –a = Crazy –or {Aggressive playful designation for the Kozanites in origin. Sourdos = Kozanite }).
From Friday 17/3 to Friday 24/3 the competition part of the Festival will follow with the participation of a total of eight competing troupes from all over Greece who were selected by the Project Selection Committee among 19 nominations.
On Saturday 25/3 the closing ceremony will take place with the Music School of Karditsa and the leading performer and musician George Dalaras who will collaborate on stage in a special performance. It will be preceded by the awarding of prizes to the competing troupes.
The program of the event will include tributes to the actors Michalis Aerakis and Costas Arzoglou and to the composer Dimitris Papadimitriou.
The former mayor of Karditsa, Dimitris Arhontis, will also be honored for his contribution to the institution and cultural events.
At the same time, the theatrical seminars that have been established in recent years and are aimed at teachers, students and anyone else who is interested are also awaited with great interest.
Members of the Jury and other distinguished guests will teach, analyzing a topic each of them, related to their Art.
The 38th Panhellenic Karditsa Amateur Theater Festival is dedicated to the memory of George Tsingopoulos who passed away last November. He was a member of the Board of Directors. of the Union of Cultural Associations for a number of years, serving in various positions. A dearly loved man and a valued collaborator of the organ who cared for it in substance.
The wonderful artwork on the cover of the program and the poster is by Karditsiot painter Akis Kotrotsios.
Karditsa is getting ready to wear her holiday clothes and send her own message. The message that culture is the best form of resistance against all the sad and gray things that shade the “sky” of our society.

The program of the 38th Panhellenic Karditsa Amateur Theater Festival

Thursday, March 16 – Time 8.30 p.m.

>Opening Ceremony – Greetings

>Theatrical performance by the Theater of Kozani
Presents the parody of “Electra” by Sophocles in the Kozanite Idiom, “ELEKTRA Sourda”.
The adaptation, direction and costumes of the play are by Nikolaos Kefalos, the sets by Antonis Chalkias, the original music by Yiannis Papadimitriou, the wigs by Iosif Lazaridis, the lighting by Nikos Nikolaos, the photographs by Christos Metaxas, the sound handling and the lighting of Manolis Kopos, the construction of the scenery by Nikos Lavantsiotis, the make-up by Angela Dimos Rousis, Anthi Kapela and Katerina Roputis, while the production direction has been taken over by Dimitris Papistas.
The roles of the play are interpreted by:
Electra: Manolis Markopoulos
Clytemnestra: Kostas Karamatsoukas
Chrysothemis: Angela Dimou – Rousi
Orestes: George Papadopoulos
Aegisthos: Giannis Dadamogias
Pyladis: Panagiotis Lampidis
Teacher: Nikos Kefalos
DANCE: Angeliki Dimou – Rousi, Evi Katsika, Anthi Kapela, Athina Stavrianoudaki.

Friday March 17 – Time 8.30 pm.

Theatrical Group of Friends of Thesprotia with the play “The Inquisitor Comes” by John Presley

Saturday 18 March – Time 8.30pm.

“KLEPSYDRA” Theater Group of Athens with the play “Sigin Pisces” by Afroditis Floros
> Honorary tribute to the actor Michalis Aerakis
Speaker: Antonis Chalkias, set designer

Sunday March 19 – Time 8.30 pm.

Theatrical Stage of Nea Makri Municipal Theater of Marathon with the play “Thesmophoriazouses” by Aristophanes

Monday 20 March – Time 8.30 pm.

“Open Sails” Theatrical Procession of the Municipality of Saronikos with the play “Miss of 39” by Alek Sakellariou-Christos Giannakopoulos
> Honorary tribute to the former mayor of Karditsa, Dimitris Archontis
Speaker: Manolis Stergiopoulos, President of the Union of Cultural Associations of Karditsa Prefecture

Tuesday 21 March – Time 8.30 pm.

Central Stage of Theatrical Workshops “Melina Merkouri” Public Benefit Enterprise of the Municipality of Neapolis-Sykeon Thessaloniki with the play “To fyntanaki” by Pantelis Horn

Wednesday 22 March – Time 8.30 pm.

Theatrical Workshop of Sperchiada-Makrakomi with the play “Idiots” by Neil Simon
> Honorary tribute to the actor Costas Arzoglou
Speaker: Athanasia Kalogianni, actress

Theater - Sperchiada

Thursday 23 March – Time 8.30 pm.

Theatrical Stage of Heraklion, Crete with the play “Little Stories of Murders” by Panagiotis Bratakos

Friday 24 March – Time 8.30 pm.

SYN ENA Theater Group – Michalis Toumbouros of Kalamata with the play “Trash” by Yiannis Xanthoulis
>Honorary tribute to the composer Dimitris Papadimitriou
Speaker: Thanasis Lalas, journalist, artist

Saturday 25 March – Time 8.30pm.

> Presentation of prizes
> Closing Ceremony – Greetings
>Music program with the Greek Music Ensemble of the Music School of Karditsa and the honored person the performer, musician George Dalaras

The difficult task of evaluation will be undertaken by:
1) George A. Christodoulou, playwright
2) Nikos Hatzipapas, actor, director
3) Kallia Theodosiadis, choreographer
4) Eleni Tzagaraki, actress
5) Antonis Chalkias, stage designer

Athens Theater


The Project Selection Committee that was called to evaluate the 19 nominations consisted of Dimitris Rita, philologist-writer-lyricist-Director of the Regional Theater of Karditsa, Christos Halvantzara, actor and Georgia Kalogirou, actress.

The Prizes to be awarded are:
– Best Performance
– Direction
– Text Selection
– First Female Role
– First Male Role
– Second Female Role
– Second Male Role
– Clothing
– Scenography by “Tassos Zografos”
– Music Editing
– Music Composition
– Choreography – Movement
– Audience Award

Live broadcast

For another year, it will be possible to broadcast all performances via live streaming from the website of the Union of Cultural Associations ( so that Greeks everywhere can experience the magic of the theater.
The “rendezvous” with the theater-loving public will be given every day at 20:30 at the Municipal Cinema of Karditsa.
The ticket costs 5 euros.

Sponsors: Cooperative Bank of Karditsa, OMIROS Dairy Industry, BHP Organic Fertilizers, Food Production Company DAMAVAND AE, Natural Mineral Water THEONI, Psychiatric Clinic KASTALIA

Communication sponsors: ERT 3, ERT LARISSAS

Presents: Ritsa Tsikrika, Public Relations Officer of the Union of Cultural Associations.