An exciting semi-final concluded yesterday with seven voices qualifying for their grand final The Voice of Greece with the Faye Skordas tonight at 21.00 on SKAI.

The heartbeat continues for all the coaches since the contestants who qualified come from all the teams. THE Constantine ArgyrosThe Panos Mouzourakisthe Helena Paparizou and Sakis Rouvas they give their final instructions just before their most critical appearance.

Tonight’s show will begin with the first appearance of the contestants. The four voices that will qualify from the first phase of the final will perform one more song. Two contestants will be eliminated and the two finalists will perform a third song on stage The Voice of Greece. The TV audience will decide the big winner!

Last year’s winner from Sakis Rouvas’ team returns to the stage of The Voice of Greece tonight, Anna Argyrou. The young performer will present her new single titled “Fools Paradise” in which she also signs the lyrics and music.

Anna Argyrou

Watch the trailer:

The seven contestants we’ll be watching compete tonight in the grand final are:



dodona-team Argiros

Moses Papamouseos

Moussis Papamouseos - team Argiros


Maria Sakellari

maria Sakellari - team Panistes

Evita Theodoropoulou

evita theodoropoulou - team panistes


Sissy Polydorou

Sissy Polydorou - teamHelena

Celina Michael

Celina Michael - teamHelena


Lambros Tsiaputas

Lampros Tsiapoutas-teamSakis

See the contestants who qualified:

Who or who will manage to enchant the television audience with his voice and emerge as the big winner by signing a golden contract with Minos EMI, a Universal Music Company, the country’s biggest record label?