Quanah Chasingors was at the Green Carpet Fashion Awards in Los Angeles and answered the question of what advice she would give to her younger self.

“I would tell young Quanah that she is beautiful,” the model told US magazine People. “And no matter what people tell you, no matter how many bullies tell you you’re not beautiful, you are.”

And he continued: “And you have so much power in your voice, and your voice carries the power of generations, because your people have suffered countless attempts at genocide. And the fact that you’re still here is because of your roots.”

The native model who fights for the protection of the environment, would also tell his younger self that his existence is enough. “My being is radical and I just want to comfort young Quan and just tell her that your being is radical, and you are beautiful, and your experience is enough.”

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She also revealed that she feels most beautiful when she is “at home lying on the grass and becoming one with the earth.” And he continued: “We are nature. And so when I’m connected to her, when I’m connected to my whole being, that’s when I feel more confident and more beautiful and I feel more myself.”

According to the event’s website, the Green Carpet Fashion Awards celebrate the positive forces in fashion and entertainment and the people who make change, who look crisis and conflict in the eye to support hope and deep, real work for transformation .

“It’s sad, because I grew up in a community that’s so far from the rest of the world in a sense, where we don’t have access to grocery stores or the luxury of what we all have here,” he said.

“But I can assure that my people, back home, who are still living out there like this, who don’t have that accessibility, who feel desperate because their home is being destroyed by climate disasters, that when they see me they know they have voice, that there is representation, that there is hope,” Chasingors continued, adding, “And that I try my best and show up in these spaces in an authentic and positive way.”