Stefanos Gogakos, a passenger of the fatal train, described the tragic moments he experienced on the evening of February 28 in Tempi in the show “Dekatians” with Yiannis Pittaras and Giorgos Grigoriadis.

“I’m alive and that’s the most important thing. I was in car 5. When the collision happened, car 5 was lifted into the air and started to jerk so hard that I hit my head on the ceiling of the car. The lights went out, darkness inside the carriage, all the windows were broken and the fragments fell on our heads and our seats. Our personal belongings were thrown to the other end of the carriage. The smoke from the fire entered the wagon and it was a suffocating situation,” said Mr. Gogakos.

“We got out of the wagon and after walking 1500 meters in the dark, with the only light we had being the flashlights of our phones, we reached a clearing on the highway and there we saw the fire and smoke from the tragic accident up close. There, there were many ambulances of the EKAV that treated us. They put me in an ambulance because I had a lot of blood on my head,” he added.

“I am 70 years old and for the first time in my life I experienced such a tragic situation. I will never forget it”, concluded Mr. Gogakos.