Comedian who made capacitist joke is fired from bank after complaint


The comedian Bruno Lambert, who, in addition to being a comedian, worked in a bank, ended up being fired from his second job due to the negative repercussions of a joke he made in a show that he considered ableist. The joke generated revolt in federal deputy Tabata Amaral (PSB-SP), who denounced him to the Public Ministry for an alleged practice of discrimination and violation of the Statute of Persons with Disabilities.

On social media, Lambert lamented having lost his job. “Deputy Tabata Amaral defends and admires the dialogue, interesting that this did not happen with me. She simply denounced me and consequently little by little my life was turned upside down. being a comedian and the exposure that the congresswoman gave me with the complaint”, he fired.

“I’m going to sleep anguished and sad, but convinced that the journey is just beginning”, amended the comedian, whose joke on stage referred to an alleged sexual relationship he would have had with a wheelchair user.

Despite the bank shutdown, Lambert says he won’t let the problems affect his joke routine. “If my first profession was taken away from me, I’m not going to let them take away my second. At the bank I never stopped being a professional. In comedy I’m autonomous”, he ended.


During a stand-up comedy performance, Lambert told viewers about an occasion when he had a sexual relationship with a person who used a wheelchair. The situation was described by the comedian through derogatory expressions.

“Have you ever eaten a wheelchair user? No, neither have I. Do you know why? Because I can’t”, he said, at a certain point in the presentation. “I put her on all fours here, she wilted. Then you had to pick her up here, put her down… It looks like crossfit, understand?”, he continued.

He even referred to the character in his story as “little pie” and “Lightning McQueen”, a car that stars in the children’s animation “Cars”, by Pixar.

Source: Folha

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