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‘There is no revenge’, says Camila Queiroz about returning to Globo as the protagonist of a soap opera


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Victor Moreno

“I have to remember to celebrate achievements, and this I say to everyone: celebrate achievements, because everyone knows their pain, everyone knows what the lion kills every day to win. Being here today was a dream very impossible, and I’m very happy to be doing it.”

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Camila Queiroz, 29, talked about having overcome her humble origins, but it could well be about her return to Globo. At the end of 2021, about to end the recording of “Verdades Secretas 2”, she was dismissed from the company with the right to release a rumored statement in which the broadcaster said that she had made “unacceptable” demands to record the outcome of the plot. The actress, in turn, denied it and accused the company of punishing her for not renewing her long-term contract.

It seemed that the relationship had soured, but a little over a year later, she was invited to return with the star status of the new soap opera of the 18h track, “Amor Perfeito”, which premieres next Monday (20) . But, after all, is revenge a dish best served cold?

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“There is no such thing, there is no such thing as revenge, there is no such thing as feeling avenged”, says the actress at the telenovela launch event. And he immediately tries to put a damper on the possible tight skirt: “We’re here, that says it all. I’m here today, with you, celebrating a soap opera that talks about love, having the honor of being the protagonist. I think that this it’s already an achievement and a celebration. I don’t need to say more.”

Camila says that talks for her casting started in the middle of last year, that is, just months after all the confusion. The desire to have her in the cast was so great that the author of the novel, Júlio Fischer (who created the plot with Duca Rachid), called to convince her. “This year, I had a lot of projects, so I didn’t have a schedule,” she says. “But when Júlio called me inviting me to play the character, he introduced me to the story and introduced me to Marê, I didn’t even hesitate.”

Marê is the nickname of Maria Elisa, the character of the actress. It is about a heroine who will suffer a lot throughout the plot, which takes place between the 1930s and 1940s. (Mariana Ximenes).

Marcelino is the fruit of the love between Marê and Orlando, played by Diogo Almeida. Asked if she fears a reaction to the couple formed by a white woman and a black man, such as the rejection suffered by actors Zezé Motta and Marcos Paulo in the soap opera “Corpo a Corpo” (1984), she says she did not know the story. “What a pity, let’s hope this doesn’t happen again”, she says.

“We are talking about love and all its forms. And interracial love is just another form of love, right?”, he evaluates. “We’re just going to show one more form of love, it’s not the color of the skin that will say who loves more, who loves less, who deserves to be loved, who doesn’t deserve to be loved. And they don’t choose each other for that. see, it’s an absolutely normal thing, and I hope the public understands and welcomes that.”

Another thing that she considers normal is reading reviews about her work, although she confesses that she is hurt when they ignore the effort and dedication that it requires. “Only we know how much we worry, how much we study, how much we dedicate ourselves, to suddenly read one thing or another that hurts”, she says. “Of course it hurts.”

“When I did ‘Pega Pega’ [2018]I lost my father in the first week of recording and, from then on, my emotions ended, because I found myself in an extremely vulnerable and fragile situation”, he exemplifies. “I buried my father on Sunday and, on Tuesday, I I was filming a scene in which my grandfather, who was the [Marcos] Caruso had a heart attack, and I carried him on a stretcher.”

“I remember that in that soap opera I was criticized a lot and, at the same time, at the time it hurt me deeply, because I thought I was doing my best, within everything that was happening in my personal life”, she says. “Today I look back with compassion for myself. I have to have compassion for myself at times. I should always have, but we don’t always do that. I’m very hard on myself. I’m very self-critical. people criticize, I already criticized myself.”

At these times, it’s worth remembering your own advice, Camila.

Source: Folha

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