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Viih Tube ex admits betrayal: ‘She had forgiven me, it was settled’


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Influencer Bruno Magri spoke, in an interview, about the end of his relationship with ex-BBB Vihh Tube. On Matheus Mazzafera’s Youtube channel, he confirmed that the betrayal had happened, but complained about the moment in which it was revealed to the media and the public.

“There was the betrayal two and a half years ago,” he admitted. “People made it look like it was now, and they also made it look like it was time and time again.”

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The couple broke up in October, and Viih Tube’s single stage has kept her hot on social media ever since. Bruno also confessed that he avoids seeing news about the ex’s new affairs. “Some memes I find funny, I try not to see much about it”, he said.

Magri says that things between him and Viih, who discovered the betrayal after leaving Big Brother Brasil 2021 (Globo), are resolved. The former couple even posed for a photo with two other former boyfriends of the influencer during a party.

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“I called Vitória to understand what was happening, because I knew it hadn’t been [outras traições]” he said. “Only the gossip pages were like ‘she’s finding out more.’ And I said, ‘bro, what things, if you don’t have them?'”.

“Then I went after whoever had said these things, one by one, I clarified everything and showed it to Vitória, because it was to her that I owed satisfaction,” he continued. “I took a stand, explained myself. I wasn’t going to take my mistake, I did it, it was once.”

But he made clear his annoyance that the betrayal had been revealed in the last year. “She knew, she had forgiven. I didn’t understand why people let it go. It was my thing and hers, it was already resolved”, he lamented. “It was sad, but anyway, you reap what you sow.”


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