BBB 23: Celebrities criticize the expulsion of MC Guimê and Cara de Sapato: ‘Poor Dania’


The elimination of MC Guimê and Cara de Sapato from BBB 23 left Felipe Neto and other celebrities in shock, on Thursday night (16). In publications on social networks, personalities did not like the way the reality show ended up leaving Dania Mendez, the Mexican participant who was harassed by the brothers, with a feeling of guilt.

“Look at the state the victim is in! Not reporting what happened and the real reason for the evictions is to throw a bomb in the victim’s hand and let it explode,” wrote Felipe Neto. “The way the victim of the situation was, shows that doing this live, without further explanation to the participants, was not the right way”, criticized Fernanda Paes Leme. “What a shitty mood it’s going to be with that girl in the house right now, feeling guilty as hell,” said Bic Muller.

During the announcement of the expulsion of MC Guimê and Cara de Sapato, Tadeu Schmidt stressed that Dania was not to blame. “What happened today has nothing to do with what you said. Nothing. It’s our decision. Purely ours, the program’s, and it wasn’t taken by anything you said. This responsibility and fault are not yours. We doesn’t want to see you crying,” he said.

Domitila and Bruna Griphao tried to reassure the Mexican during the break, right after the players left. “It’s not your fault, if there is one person who is not guilty here, it’s you”, reinforced the actress.


Source: Folha

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