BBB 23: How was the participation of MC Guimê and Cara de Sapato until the expulsion


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Last Thursday (16), MC Guimê and Cara de Sapato were eliminated from BBB 23 (Globo). The event greatly affected the house and the whole of Brazil. On the web, internet users and celebrities celebrated the attitude that Globo took, while the reality participants are still shocked and trying to assimilate what happened.

Cara de Sapato and MC Guimê were two participants of the Camarote reality team, that is, invited by the management to participate in the program. So far, the two have been playing a game without controversy inside the house and with strong alliances. The singer, for example, came to have a large audience and was called “the best of the game”.

Antonio Carlos Júnior, better known as Cara de Sapato, made a great friendship with Amanda and gained “fandom” from a possible couple called “Docshoes”. The two were always together and made a point of protecting each other.

During the course of the program, the two won the Leader’s Test. The fighter was Leader right at the beginning of the program, won a car and his theme party really excited the participants at the time. MC Guimê won the Prova do Anjo more than once and assisted Big Fone a few times as well, moving the game a lot. The two also positioned themselves assertively in the Game of Discord.


They entered in pairs

This year, the participants entered together and had to compete together since the beginning of the program. Cara de Sapato was paired with Amanda, while MC Guimê was paired with Tina.

Assumed Player vs Controlled Player

Guime was “focused on the game” and made a point of making that clear. He made alliances from the beginning, including with Domitila, who later became his rival. Sapato, on the other hand, was a more restrained player – in all aspects. The fighter didn’t like “bullshit”, he always wanted to settle disputes with his opponents and was also well controlled at parties. He even barely drank and always went to bed early.

friendship with amanda

From the moment Sapato and Amanda got together, they never separated. The two created a friendship with a lot of affection, which gave hope for the public to think that the participants could form a couple.

Leader and Big Phone

Both participants were Leaders during the program and moved the game a lot. MC Guimê became one of the favorites of the edition when he took Sapato do Paredão. The singer attended the Big Fone and gained the power to change anyone who was on Paredão – even the Leader’s nomination. With that, he took the fighter out of the hot seat and was called “the star of the game” by the public.

Conflicts and quarrels

Despite being from the same group, the two also had their differences during the game. The singer revealed that he was upset with the fighter, in the past, for having joined his main rival in the game, Gustavo, who had already left reality. The two got into an argument, but then resolved themselves.

Get over it, Shoe!

Something that was very marked in the trajectory, mainly of Cara de Sapato, was the need to keep having DR with his opponents and trying to understand everything in the smallest details. The fighter had a long discussion with Fred Nicácio, and even, in the doctor’s elimination speech, the presenter hinted at the fighter: “Sapato, I’m going to speak clearly to you: get over it, relax. You tend to blame yourself for things. In MMA, it’s nice to talk to your opponent. At the BBB, you can’t talk about every move” (…) You left it up to the judges”.

Tourette Syndrome

During the trajectory of Cara de Sapato, he explained that he has suffered from Tourette’s Syndrome since childhood, a condition that causes a series of nervous tics and anxiety attacks. The fighter appeared to have moderate order syndrome. There are times when a person cannot even control what he says. Therefore, there are cases in which the bearer of the syndrome curses or speaks inappropriately to others without being able to control the triggers.

Source: Folha

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