In the previous episode, the Happy Traveller embarked on a special journey to Peruin one of the most interesting travel and culinary countries in the world.

The Saturday, March 18The Happy continues his journey and visits even more impressive places in the South American country. From the capital Lima, he takes a plane to the heart of the Andes and specifically to the city Cuscothe city that was the ancient capital of the Inca empire.

In Cusco explore the historic center with its huge imposing square and admire the unique architecture that combines Inca culture with the classic colonial style of the Spanish conquistadors. He walks the picturesque narrow streets, tries delicious recipes and visits special temples and local markets.

Then it arrives at one of the most magical natural attractions on the entire planet. It climbs to an altitude of 5000 meters to see and admire up close the famous colorful mountain of the Andes, the Peru’s “rainbow” mountain!

Finally, he embarks on a journey through the sacred valley of the Incas to reach Machu Picchu, a shocking place, which he explores in another episode of the show.

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