BBB 23: Management sends Dania Mendez to pack her bags and announces: ‘Departure soon’


The expulsions of MC Guimê and Antônio Cara de Sapato for sexual harassment against Dania Mendez ended up changing the dynamics of BBB 23. The Mexican, who according to the presenter Tadeu Schmidt would have the Joker Power of the next formation of Paredão, had to leave the house before the predicted time. The program’s management announced Dania’s departure this Friday afternoon (17).

The announcement was made by the production to the brothers, accompanied by a gift for her in the pantry: the leader’s famous robe. In the message, Dania was told to pack her bags for “leaving soon”. The Mexican got the message, got emotional and gave a speech. “This was the best experience of my life. I take a little bit from everyone. All of your hearts go with me,” she commented.

She reinforced that participating in Big Brother was a dream, and she would never forget what she lived in Brazil. She even received an invitation from Cezar Black: “Come and enjoy Carnival with us”. Dania entered the house this Wednesday (16) afternoon with the Joker Power mission for the next vote. She was the one who would choose whether the perk buyer could double-vote or void a vote for one of the nominees.

The confusion involving Dania Mendez started at Leader Guimê’s party. The singer and the fighter Cara de Sapato got involved with the new participant and were accused of sexual harassment by the public, who soon asked for the expulsion of the participants.

First, Guimê was seen touching the Mexican’s butt and breast. At one point, she takes his hand away from her body. These facts made the singer Lexa, Guimê’s wife, speak out. She said she was not okay with the situation. Other videos show Sapato immobilizing Dania to kiss her. He also kisses her and covers them both with a blanket. The production of the program called the fighter’s attention after one of these attitudes.

Source: Folha

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