BBB 23: MC Guimê and Sapato are summoned to testify; penalty up to five years imprisonment


Bruna Fantti

The Civil Police of Rio de Janeiro summoned, this Friday (17), the singer Guilherme Aparecido Dantas Pinho, the MC Guimê, and the fighter Antônio Carlos Coelho de Figueiredo Barbosa Júnior, the Cara de Sapato, to give testimony in an inquiry investigating the crime of sexual harassment within the program BBB 23 (Big Brother Brasil), on TV Globo. They will be heard in the coming days.

Both would have committed the crime against Mexican Dania Mendez, during a party on the program. The crime of sexual harassment is provided for in Article 215-A of Law No. 13,718, which deals with “committing a libidinous act against someone and without their consent with the aim of satisfying one’s own lust or that of a third party”. The penalty for the crime can reach five years of imprisonment.

Practices that aim to satisfy sexual desire can be considered libidinous acts, such as groping a person without their consent, as in the case of the MC, or forcibly kissing, as Cara de Cavalo did with Dania.

In a note, the Deam (Women’s Police Station) in Jacarepaguá, in the west zone of Rio, stated that “official images of the program were requested and the subpoenas were delivered. Diligences are ongoing and the investigation is ongoing”.

During a Leader’s party, which took place on Wednesday (15), MC Guimê caressed Dania Mendez’s back and twice felt her buttocks. The Mexican even removes the singer’s hand. In another video, he runs his hand over her breasts.

The singer’s advisor stated that “like all of you, we watched and regretted the episodes involving MC Guimê at the last party. In advance, we leave here our sincere apologies to all the people involved. limits at times”.

“We know there’s no excuse and we hope he can understand his mistakes and actions when he’s out here.”

On his social networks, Guimê said he was “heartbroken, still processing everything that happened, there is a lot of information. I am very upset at the moment, you will be able to see my words and I will tell you about all this and recognize my faults, I have a humble heart and open to recognize, I know I made a mistake”.

As for the fighter, he forcibly kisses Dania in the bedroom, for which he even immobilizes her legs and arms. His advisory also manifested itself. “We know that certain attitudes cannot happen even as a joke. Therefore, our sincere apologies to Dania and her family for the events”, says an excerpt.

Source: Folha

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