Its establishment Short Film Hubled by Gianna Sarriannounced today, March 20, the International Short Drama Film Festival. The Short Film Hub aspires to connect talented directors, screenwriters and producers with the international and domestic film industry. It will function as a space of creation, constant search and freedom through which young creators will have the opportunity to come close to recognized professionals in the cinematographic field and learn the countless possibilities of their art, the promotion of a film project, the development of the script and creating a network of contacts.

As the organization’s announcement states, professional meetings, workshops, seminars and endless discussions will turn the city of Drama and the International Short Film Festival into an ideal destination for every film professional who loves short films.

As Gianna Sarri notes, “the presence of short films from Greece is extremely noisy every year at the world’s major film festivals. SFH hopes to join forces with the domestic film world and provide the necessary tools to further develop the short film and gain the international readership it deserves.”

Gianna Sarri graduated in 1999 from Coventry University with a BA in Communication and Film Studies and in 2000 obtained a MA from City University in Great Britain in Management and Communication Studies.

In 2000 he started working at the production company Kino and in 2003 at the International Film Festival of Thessaloniki (IFF) and the Documentary Festival of Thessaloniki (FIF) in the International Program department. In 2010, he took over the position of head of the Agora of the Greek Film Festival of Greece and the Greek Film Festival of Athens, where he remained until September 2022. From 2016, he started working as head of the Program at the Hellenic Film Festival in Berlin. From October 2022 he started working as an independent consultant in film projects and tutor for film markets.