Anitta prepares a ‘historic’ 30-year-old party for this Friday (24) and warns: ‘I cut several rancids from the guest list’


Ana Cora Lima

For three years without celebrating her birthday, Anitta wants to catch up. Ever wonder? If her more routine parties already made the neighbors in Barra da Tijuca, in Rio, with their hair on end, imagine the one she has been organizing for some time to celebrate her 30th birthday.

The guests still haven’t received the official call, just a “save the date” to put the date on the agenda. The party will be this Friday, March 24th, six days before the birthday itself. Not by chance, it’s the first day of Lollapalooza, in São Paulo.

Anitta, who isn’t silly or anything, will take advantage of the presence of a handful of international pop stars (Drake, Billie Eilish, Rosalia, etc.) to celebrate her 30th birthday. It will be a surprise to zero people if the next day photos of people of this suit start circulating on the networks dancing as if there is no tomorrow in their ballad. OK. But where will it be? This is still a well-kept secret. To avoid crashers, paparazzi and annoying people in general, the right place for the party (in São Paulo) will only be announced to the guests on the day of the party.

The final list should contain around 500 names, which is not much by Anitta’s party standards. “I cut several rancids. And there are several new people too, cool. But there are several rancids cut! I only want people I know at the party. I don’t want to look to the side and see people I don’t know”, said the singer, in her Instagram account.

One attitude she has already taken is to cut off friends from friends. Guest of guest will not be welcome, she made it clear. “This year there won’t be this ‘I can take one more, two more’ thing. No. Only who I really want to go,” she explained.

And those who are already on Anitta’s list celebrate the invitation as if it were a prize. This is the case of Jefinho, vocalist of the group O Maestro. She says she danced so much at Carnival in Salvador to the sound of the band that she wants to do it again. Therefore, she invited the musicians to perform at the party. “When I heard the news I immediately gave my mother a tight hug, she was the person who always said that one day this would happen”, Jefinho was moved on social networks.

Source: Folha

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