BBB 23: MC Guimê’s mother comes out in defense of her son and calls ‘arapuca’ accusation of sexual harassment


As soon as MC Guimê left the Police Station Specialized in Assistance to Women (Deam), in Jacarepaguá, west of Rio, on the afternoon of this Monday (20th), where he testified in the investigation opened to investigate the crime of sexual harassment against Dania Mendez, the rapper’s mother came out in defense of her ex-brother. Maria Cristina Amaral said that the controversy was, in fact, a big trap to incite his elimination. She even called the singer’s expulsion from reality a ‘trap’.

“Strength! God is with you, see? You are a good person. All of this was a trap. I really wanted to hold you in my arms, protect you, take away all this pain for me”, began Maria Cristina, who praised the character of the eldest son: “We love you very much. You were always an example. The enemy acted, but don’t allow him to make you think differently, love, pride of our lives. Son, we are always with you until the end”, he wrote.

MC Guimê stayed at the police station for an hour giving a statement. On his way out, accompanied by two lawyers and two security guards, Guimê said that he has been under “great pressure” since his expulsion, on Thursday (16). The rapper also said that he and Lexa, who he’s been married to for 10 years, are “seeking forgiveness.”

He and fighter Antônio Cara de Sapato were expelled from BBB 23 and are now being investigated for sexual harassment against Dania Mendez. The Mexican was groped by Guimê and kissed without consent by Sapato. The crime is provided for in Law 13,718 and classifies as criminal any forced act to satisfy the desire of the aggressor. The penalty can reach five years in prison.

Source: Folha

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