End of the thriller with the missing Brian Fernandez, he appeared alive after a week!


According to reports from Argentina, the thriller with the 28-year-old Colón Santa Fe footballer ends with a happy ending. Brian Fernandezwho had been missing for more than a week.

Specifically the website Page 12 cites information from the football player’s family stating that he appeared today and is now safe with his relatives.

Earlier today it had been found abandoned on a country road Santa Fe the car of the brand BMW, from which the wheels were missing and the windows were broken. An eyewitness, in fact, seems to have stated to the police that he saw the driver leave the vehicle on a motorcycle in the previous days, without it being known yet if it was the footballer himself.

THE Brian Fernandez he has been dealing with very serious psychological problems lately and you are implying that he was also a drug user. In October, he was even involved in an incident that led to a temporary suspension of his contract. In the following period, Colon decided to support the footballer but with his health condition getting worse, decided to leave him out of the team a few days before his disappearance.

The footballer’s psychologist, in statements on his hometown radio, accused the team of a lack of awareness and emphasized that society still wrongly remains in complete ignorance regarding such issues.

What the footballer’s doctor had pointed out:

“We are completely immature in such matters, we wear masks, Brian is an example of what can happen to such a person. Especially when it’s on the football field. There is also a big problem with the use of substances and each patient requires different treatment, for some hospitalization is effective. Colon never contacted me, never texted me. The statements of the coach of the team about the end of Brian, definitely affected his mind”

Editor: Babis Lessis

Source: Sport Fm

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