Donald Trump’s wife moved into a hotel after discovering her husband’s alleged extramarital affair with a porn actress


The marriage of Donald Trump and Melanie Trump went through a crisis in early 2018. When allegations of an alleged affair between the former president and porn actress Stormy Daniels came to light, Melanie packed her bags from the White House and moved to a hotel in Florida—why Trump went alone to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, on January 18, 2018.

According to the British newspaper Daily Mail, Melanie felt humiliated, so she took a flight to a luxury hotel. “She was upset and felt humiliated. Her relationship with the president was shaken”, reported a source to the vehicle.

The porn actress alleges that she received $130,000 from the former president as a bribe for an alleged affair they had in 2006. Last week, Stormy met with New York prosecutors who are investigating Trump to decide whether to file the woman’s allegations against him. .

“Trump was beside himself that Melania would find out the details of his indiscretion. He knew what the consequences could be and would do everything he could to keep it under control,” the source said.

The former president continues to deny any involvement with the actress and claims that the accusations are politically motivated. He describes paying Daniels as a “nuisance” that rich people sometimes pay to solve a problem.

Source: Folha

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