BBB 23: Larissa argues with Key because of Gustavo: ‘You are ridiculous’


Larissa and Key Alves’ spirits warmed up inside the Casa do Reencontro, at BBB 23, in the late afternoon of this Wednesday (22). After Key argued with Tina, the education teacher decided to pull the athlete to talk about her opinions and her relationship with Gustavo, who is also confined.

“You’re a bitch, you’re a person who doesn’t have any security. You called me a bitch. You said that I hit on Gustavo. Do you really think looking now that I hit on Gustavo?”, Larissa began .

Then, Key confirmed his opinion and Larissa followed with her theory: “You invent things in your head, you believe your own lie and everyone saw it. Everyone laughs at your face, girl”. To complete, she addressed Gustavo. “Saying that I was hitting on you and you confirming it, saying that I was throwing myself at you, Gustavo? Ridiculous. You’re ridiculous and you’re ridiculous”, completed Larissa.

The farmer got annoyed and pointed out that she had already cursed at Key. Larissa doubted the statement and reinforced her defense: “Say what I said then. I never hit on Gustavo, I never hit on him”.

Afterwards, in the bathroom, Larissa cried and vented to Fred Nicácio about the confusion. “Everybody makes mistakes, but this irony, the laughter, the looks… that’s a lot…”, she commented. The doctor agreed and asked her to stay firm at the Casa de Encontro: “I understand you. You didn’t give up yesterday, you’re not going to give up now. You’re not going to lie to her. Let’s cry here, you won’t give up!”.

Source: Folha

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