He does not intend to enter into a process of discussing government partnerships without “strong double digit” percentage in the polls, the president of PASOK emphasized, Nikos Androulakis talking about his intentions regarding the day after the elections on ERT.

Nine years after the 717 convention, the country has no remote control. Responsibility of Mr. Mitsotakis and Tsipras were to deliver the project and not fight over who did what and why, so that it is not delivered. How did a person under the age limit get into this position? Isn’t it a party bribe? There were bells and whistles from domestic and European actors, but Mr. Mitsotakis now says: “I didn’t know”” underlined Mr. Androulakis about the tragedy in Tempi and characterized “sorry it was done in communication terms» the Prime Minister’s apology.

He highlighted his proposal to temporarily restore TRAINOSE to public control and soon find a strategic investor and reconstitute the Railway Regulatory Authority based on international standards.

Commenting on the reaction of the new generation, Mr. Androulakis noted that “the young children who stayed here and shout “so far” and feel part of this tragedy, a country that gives few opportunities to the younger ones, who do not see perspective, who do not encounter meritocracy and transparency, what do they ask of us? I personally have a duty, as a young man, to fight this. To succeed in bringing another era of real meritocracy to our country” and repeated his proposal that the staffing of the organizations should be done through international competitions in order to attract strong resumes of Greeks from all over the world and with a term disconnected from the electoral cycle.

We can’t constantly meet in public either friends of Mr. Mitsotakis or friends of Mr. Tsipras or party sycophants” he said.

A minister cannot enter the ministry with an army of recruits, but on the contrary, he must be accompanied by a few associates, without questioning the internal meritocracy of the public administration in the service councils. The parties cannot have a long hand in the service councils. We must respect the public servant. We need to give productivity bonuses. Evaluation and meritocracy” he noted, adding: “Not a state looted by Mr. Tsipras, Mr. Mitsotakis and their company. A state guarantor of the public interest is one that ensures transparency and meritocracy. And I think that this is also the big bet after the next national elections. Have you seen in a staff state in Europe, the man who moves it is the nephew of the Prime Minister?he wondered.

Staff state, which is a group of friends, acquaintances and relatives who take the state as loot. They set up the wiretapping scandal. They try to hide responsibilities. They distribute the Recovery Fund to oligarchs to get good media coverage” concluded Mr. Androulakis, referring to the governance model applied by the New Democracy government.

On the issue of television licenses, anyone from the independent authorities who said something different was targeted by Mr. Pappas and Mr. Polakis. In the matter of wiretapping, two honest judges with enormous experience, Mr. Rammos and Mr. Menoudakos, brought to the surface many issues, which show what a parastatal had been set up during the New Democracy. They were personally attacked by Mr. Georgiadis and other ministers. These parties cannot. They don’t really believe in separation of powers. They do not have a high level of institutional respect to guarantee this transition. All they care about is power, the instrumentalization of independent authorities, institutions, justice to keep the seats of power tight» pointed out and added:

“Tthe deep state is a system of power which produces corruption, nepotism, opacity, it is a client state. I consider it an irony to the Greek people that Mr. Mitsotakis says that he can deal with it. Mr. Mitsotakis is the deep state in Greece. Mr. Mitsotakis sees in his mirror every day the deep state of Greece*. Who is the deep state? Everything negative that has happened in the past and led Greece to bankruptcy, he has repeated it himself. He did not take an initiative to confront the deep state. He expanded and instrumentalized it just like Mr. Tsipras».

Regarding the alleged rejection of two invitations for a meeting addressed to him by Kyriakos Mitsotakis, the President of PASOK-Movement for Change noted that “it shows that, unfortunately, the Prime Minister is in a major impasse. When you speak at this level with these immature arguments, you show personal anxiety. I understand Mr. Mitsotakis. Anguish. Struggle because he knows that the chances of him not being Prime Minister are many. And this will be very positive for the country, seeing the deeds of Mr. Mitsotakis. As, I believe, it will be very positive for the country that Mr. Tsipras does not return and that there is a government that will give real perspective to the Greek people. In politics, you need courage, respect for institutions, justice and the Greek people” describing that the first time they spoke was in the corridor of the Parliament in the presence of journalists when Mr. Mitsotakis addressed him with a vague “let’s talk”, which was never accompanied by official institutional invitation. Subsequently, the two met again at the reception for the anniversary of the restoration of the Republic at the Presidential Palace in July – two days before the filing of a complaint with the Areopagus for the attempted trap with the predator-.

On the sidelines of our presence there, the Prime Minister comes and says to me: “Why don’t you support the change to the independent personal data authority? Since they need 3/5, you have to help make this change happen.” I answered him: “You are in too much of a hurry. If you are in such a hurry, consult with Mr. Velopoulos or Mr. Tsipras”. I said this because I knew the Predator scandal very well and it made a big impression on me because Mr. Mitsotakis wanted to change Mr. Menoudakos while at the same time telling the European Commission that he would also merge the authoritiessaid Mr. Androulakis.

“I want to tell the Greek people about yesterday’s approach by the Prime Minister that he wanted us to meet: There are institutional ways. And our party, both under my own leadership and in the past, is a party of responsibility» he said characteristically.

Regarding the post-election environment, Mr. Androulakis noted that the first elections will show the way of a government that will stand in the way of arrogance, viciousness and the client state.

As he explained, among other things, he aims to have a strong PASOK, a strong democratic faction, with the program I have presented. Let it be a new era. An era where renewal will not simply be a catchphrase or an age characteristic, but will mark the renewal of the political ethos.