Xuxa Meneghel reveals that Roberto Carlos took a shower after winning a hug from the presenter


Xuxa Meneghel has already spent a tight skirt with Roberto Carlos and all because of the singer’s superstition with dark clothes. The presenter even revealed details about the controversy with the king, remembering the episode in which, after receiving a hug from her, he decided to take a shower. Xuxa said that the strapless black model with a peacock on the front was the cause of the confusion behind the scenes of a Roberto Carlos Special on Globo.

“There’s an outfit that I didn’t like, but I’ll say that it really impressed me, because it was an outfit I wore at the end of the year here at Globo with Roberto Carlos. It was black and had a lilac peacock on the front “, began Xuxa. She also recalled that she had rehearsed the participation, but at the time of “recording” everything went wrong.

She still remembers Roberto Carlos’ scared face. “I hugged him and he stopped. He came back and went into the dressing room to take a shower and it took more than two hours”, said Xuxa in the program “Que História é Essa, Porchat?” . Xuxa, who even won a cake from the presenter, revealed that she had not “retired” the outfit, which years later was adapted by a stylist and used by Anitta at an award.

“Everyone came to tell me that I should change clothes. And I said I wouldn’t change and I didn’t. I left and made a point of wearing this outfit later in some places. I didn’t like to repeat it, but I made a point of repeating this outfit in some places to score a lot”, he recalled between laughs.

Porchat laughed a lot at the story, which soon went viral on the networks. “I loved that Xuxa didn’t change her clothes to participate in Roberto Carlos’ special”, said an internet user and the second commented: “Xuxa saying that in a special Roberto Carlos asked her to change the dress she was wearing. She didn’t change and went away. Queen is she.”

Next Monday, March 27, Xuxa turns 60.

In a photo montage, two women are placed side by side wearing matching dresses.

Anitta and Xuxa have already appeared in matching dresses – reproduction

Source: Folha

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