BBB 23: Ricardo wins the Angel of the Week competition


The BBB 23 house has a new Angel of the week: Ricardo Camargo. The biomedical was the one who won the dynamic held this Saturday afternoon (25) and got the protection necklace. What he and the other participants still don’t know is that the power was autoimmune. The brother ended up being guaranteed to stay on the program for another week.

Not participating in the dynamic: Leader Sarah Aline and the duo Fred Nicácio and Larissa Santos. The two were chosen by the public to return to reality after Casa do Reencontro and, as presenter Tadeu Schmidt had already announced, the brothers would not participate in the dynamics of the week.

The contest consisted of all competitors having to look for and find cards, with some instructions, that were scattered in a ball pool. In each round, one participant who did not find the card would be eliminated. The first to leave the race was Bruna. Gabriel, who took the card to eliminate someone, has already disqualified Aline.

In the second round, Domitila won the card that granted the power to eliminate someone and the chosen person was Amanda. In the third round, Ricardo decided to eliminate Gabriel Santana. In the penultimate round of dynamics, Cezar Black did not find any cards and left the test.

Ricardo ended up winning the race and even had the power to choose a duo to fulfill the Monster of the week and he nominated Bruna Griphao and Larissa. The two sisters will take turns at the edge of a “lake” on the lawn, while one is “catching fish” the other will have a fishing net and can walk around the house.

Source: Folha

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