BBB 23: Ricardo counters Amanda and accuses: ‘Do you want to appear now at 45 minutes of the second half?’


Despite having gotten rid of the eleventh Paredão of the BBB 23, Amanda Meirelles is not satisfied with the votes received from the participants of the Quarto Fundo do Mar. What hurt the doctor the most was knowing that Ricardo Camargo had recommended her to the hot seat and she ended up accusing her brother of treason. The two got to argue ugly and the affair of Leader Sarah Aline did not like the charge made by the sister.

In conversation with Gabriel Santana and Marvvila, Alface complained. He commented that he could have voted for Larissa Santos, but thought better of it because the Physical Education teacher had just returned from the repechage. “Is it going to be the poor thing, the wronged one now? It’s every one I see!”, He mocked.

“I vote for whoever I want, who I think is not showing up in the game. For me, the ten that stay in the game are the ones that are contributing. But do you want to appear now, at 45 minutes of the second half?”, completed the biomedical.

Ricardo also recalled the discussion that the two had in the last Game of Discord to justify voting for Amanda. “Do you know what it is? She doesn’t want to be hurt! And several times I’ve had clashes. In the last Discord game I came back calm. She came to say that I got excited, that I was wrong, but it was my best Discord Game. I stopped, talked, and she came to say… ‘You were rude’. Oh, you’re going to get caught! Here is a game”, he explained.

Source: Folha

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