Dania Mendez, inside La Casa dos Famosos, prays for BBB 23 participants


Dania Mendez, the Mexican who participated in the BBB 23, follows the Brazilians in her thoughts. This Monday (27), the participant was caught praying for the players of the reality show in Brazil inside La Casa dos Famosos and the images of the moment went viral on social networks.

“I also ask the Lord for all my companions in Brazil”, asked Dania, in a circle with other brothers. “May you be well and have the strength to continue in this challenge that you know is not easy. That we remain united, meeting extraordinary people. Making another year, being perfect or imperfect”.

It is not the first time that the participant of the Mexican program talks about Brazilians. Last Saturday (25), Dania revealed that she misses the BBB 23 players and that she intends to come to Brazil as soon as possible.

“Going to Brazil served as a distraction for me, getting out a little, breathing new air, meeting new people. I miss everyone already, even though I only stayed a few days. It brought me people with an incredible soul, with a beautiful heart… . I’m going back to Brazil”, he said.

Dania Mendez ended up leaving BBB 23 after the case of sexual harassment inside the house. Mc Guimê and Cara de Sapato were expelled after advancing on the Mexican in the program, and are responding to an inquiry.

Source: Folha

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