‘They won’t talk about me’, warns Adele about career break


Adele’s latest album, “30”, was released in November 2021. Since then, the singer has held a season of concerts around the world. Living in Las Vegas, United States, for four months, the singer had been doing some performances in the city in the state of Nevada and this weekend, she surprised fans by announcing that she is going to take a break from her career.

Adele also reassured her followers that she will fulfill the agenda until November. Afterwards, she stops and without forecast back. “I’m going to take a break and you really won’t hear from me. Because you know what I am: I’m an absolute recluse,” she said.

The British singer confided that she turns her nose up a little at fame and exposure of her personal life. “My life is tiny. I don’t really leave the house and that’s by choice. My life used to be huge when I was younger. But the bigger my career got, the more scared and anxious I got and do. dogs, my son and my boyfriend, and I talk to my maid. That’s it.”

Despite being really decided to interrupt her career, Adele told fans that she still feels butterflies in her stomach every time she takes the stage. She also thanked the audience for the reception in recent months. “It was the best four months of my career. These shows brought me so much joy. It was a wonderful surprise to see how much I loved it, because I’m a very anxious artist”, she concluded.

Source: Folha

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