Lexa may have blocked income to pay Guimê’s debt


It wasn’t enough to have been exposed on BBB 23 after seeing her husband expelled for a case of sexual harassment, now the singer Lexa may have to deal with one more problem. According to UOL, the court determined that she should have money blocked to settle a debt owed by her then husband, MC Guimê.

The debt refers to a purchase of a property in 2016 by the funk singer in the amount of R$ 2.2 million. According to the owners, the musician would have stopped paying about R$ 777 thousand.

Because Lexa was married to him by universal union of property, judges allowed up to 30% of her income, from streaming, to be pledged in order to settle the amount. This, however, has not yet begun to happen.

The owners went to court demanding the termination of the property contract and the payment of compensation for fruition, that is, for the time he used the house. In October 2020, Guimê had been convicted in the first instance. The process proceeds in secrecy of justice.


Sought, Lexa said, through her press office, that she intends to appeal any decision that is unfavorable to her.

In a note, he states that this is an action that runs in disfavor of MC Guime and that, even if any decision involving his name has come out, it does not have any pendency resulting from this unfolding.

“The singer’s legal department is aware of the published publication and will take all appropriate and necessary measures to protect her rights, as has been happening since the knowledge of all procedural acts”, says another excerpt.

Source: Folha

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