At the top of the list with the 7 best islands in the world offered for natural and cultural experiences is located Androsaccording to the travel website Wanderlust Marriage which specializes in unconventional destinations and is read by thousands of couples in the US and UK

Author of the Travel Writers Association of North America award-winning columnist he traveled with his wife to dozens of places around the worldin order to complete his research.

In 2022 he accepted the municipality’s invitation to experience the spring Andros and hosted with the support of the CTN Andros network of local professionals.

According to the proposed list, Andros is the ideal destination for one unforgettable “trip” in enchanting nature, arts and history.

Thanks toits neoclassical architecture, Andros Town has a special charm, while Batsi is considered the cosmopolitan fishing village that is “nestled” in a beautiful bay and surrounded by green mountains and a sandy coast. The Panachrantou Monastery is “perched” on the northern side of Mount Gerakones and offers a spectacular view of the whole of Andros. The original chapel of the Panahrantou Monastery dates back to 960 AD. with the marble at the entrance having formed a curve, thanks to the footsteps of visitors for over 1,000 years.

The next places in the list are occupied by Zanzibar, the southeastern islands of Alaska, the Sicily, Tasmania, the islands of Japan and Malaysian Borneo. “Andros has an invaluable cultural, historical and natural treasure that we have made a priority to highlight even in the off-season. During the last Halloween, the increase in traffic exceeded 38% compared to last year, while the travel flow is expected to be higher during Easter as well”, stressed the mayor of Andros Dimitris Lotsaris.