BBB 23: Boninho announces new dynamics in the next Paredão


BBB 23 enters the final stretch and the dynamics of the 12th week promises to put more fire on the playground, as former reality presenter Tiago Leifert would say. This Wednesday (29), director JB de Oliveira, Boninho, decided to give a spoiler about the dynamics of the 12th week that starts this Thursday (30) with another Leader’s Test. He promised an unprecedented dynamic.

“The week is going to be hot. The Curinga Power is pretty cool, voting with different dynamics. There’s more: You’re going to vote in reverse. What’s that? Tadeu [Schmidt] tell you”, announced Boninho implying that the public, instead of choosing who will be eliminated from Paredão, will have to vote for the participant to remain in the house.

With the elimination of Gabriel Santana, there are now 10 brothers and sisters in the house. As the final of the reality show is scheduled to take place on April 25th, from now on more than one hot seat will take place during a week.

Boninho, who last week was heavily criticized by internet users for hastily changing the dynamics of Paredão last Sunday (26) by confirming an open vote and then reverting back with a decision in the confessional, received heavy comments with the turnaround. “That’s just so production favorites don’t leave the game,” pointed out an internet user. “Manipulation will be easier for the direction”, observed a second follower and the third added: “It will be good if this happens to confuse the participants even more.”

Source: Folha

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