You were shocked by allegations of rape and abuse of several women sent to the Ukrainian front as medical personnel and nurses by their superiors, Russian military officials are being brought to light by the New York Post and other foreign media.

One of these women, Margarita, described how the Russian military forced female doctors and nurses to become “field wives” – to serve them sexually – and those who refused faced horrific abuse.

She herself, because in training she had refused the pressing proposals of a colonel, was forced to sleep outside her unit, on the edge of a street in polar cold conditions. Eventually, because he didn’t give in, he was sent to the front lines in retaliation.

Margarita recounts shocking incidents such as when an officer, being drunk, shot his “sex wife”, a doctor named Svetlana, leaving her crippled. Before that, he used to beat her, even in public.

Earlier, fearing that she would return from the front pregnant, Svetlana, who was married, called her husband and confessed to them what was happening in her platoon and the sexual abuse by the officer.

The medical platoon in which Margarita participated included seven women aged 23 to 38, many of them married.

According to her testimony, each of them was pressured to “serve” one or more officers.

She returned from the battlefield with serious psychological problems. He spent two months in rehab, takes anti-depressants and still suffers from constant nightmares and panic attacks.