President of Sated do Rio says that José Loreto wanted to ‘settle scores’ after Rafa Kalimann was barred from a soap opera


Ana Cora Lima

Since being barred by the Union of Artists of Rio de Janeiro (SATEDRJ) from participating in the soap opera “Vai na Fé” for lack of professional registration as an actress, in January, Rafa Kalimann has not insisted on maintaining a friendly relationship with the president of the institution , Hugo Gross. Heading the association for 16 years, the actor revealed to F5 that the relationship only got worse in the last three months.

In addition to learning that the influencer often uses some insults, Gross also learned that, until recently, an ex-boyfriend of the girl wanted to meet him for a “candid conversation”. “Officially, he didn’t look for me, nor did I meet him at any event. But producers, dressers, make-up artists, cameras and actors have ears and mouths, right? Several of them came to tell me that the guy was José Loreto. They said that he wanted to know why I had been rude to Rafa Kalimann and would be willing to ‘settle the score’ with me”, he highlighted.

Gross said he had only one telephone conversation with Kalimann. During the chat, he explained that the ex-sister would need to study to be an actress and, consequently, have the DRT. “I said that the free courses were great, but professional registration would only be guaranteed with a diploma recognized by the category. She didn’t like it, she got nervous and cried claiming that we were harming Globo. I was sorry, but I wasn’t rude. It never would be. Now if she speaks ill of me to this day and the guy wanted or still wants to hit me, that’s up to them”, he pointed out.

He also explained why he released Jade Picon, which was questioned by Rafa. “Jade got an authorization from the union to participate in ‘Travessia’ at the request of Ricardo Waddington. At the time, he was the Director of Entertainment at Globo, he said that it was a gamble. There are a number of special authorizations allowed by our association and everything was cool. They didn’t make that request to Rafa. Simple as that”, he acknowledged.

Hugo emphasized that there is no prejudice against influencers. “You, influencer, Sated has nothing against you. But, you have to understand that you have to respect class and it’s not because a person has millions of followers that they can suddenly become an actor or an actress. Not really. “

O F5 contacted José Loreto, but he did not answer calls or respond to messages.

Source: Folha

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