Totti: What he said about Reteghi, Conte, Napoli and Roma


THE Francesco Totti gave an interview and talked about him Matteo Reteghi who has stolen the impressions with the Italian national team.

Capitano further referred to Antonio Conteat Naplesbut he avoided answering a question put to him about the Roma.

For Retegi: “I had seen him in a few videos and I was impressed, physically and mentally as well as his hard work. I believe his future will be good.”

For Napoli he said: “I knew they were a good team with an excellent coach, a well-made combination. They did their best and were lucky not to have a team at the back that could keep up. When I was playing, it was Juventus or Inter that, if you had 20 wins, they had 19. That wasn’t the case this year.”

While when he was asked about Roma he said: “I don’t talk about them, otherwise people will say I did or said something wrong. They can reach the Champions League places and I hope they do well in the Europa League, where they can go all the way. What counts are the results, so if you play well or badly it doesn’t matter.”

For Antonio Conte he said: “Antonio has many options and possibilities. I think he will take his time to decide where is the best place to start working again.”

Finally he was asked about him Tammy Abraham and for him Andrea Belottibecause they have difficulty finding nets: “I don’t know, I hope in the last ten games they can score a lot.”

Source: Sport Fm

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