The presenter of “Survivor All Star”, George Lianos, revealed what is really true of the 2021 video, which was released these days, and in which the production can be seen feeding the players.

As he said in a radio interview, “I have to make some clarifications, because lately there has been a concerted effort to deconstruct the game by several broadcasts. Regarding player suspensions, let’s clarify that the punishment is a decision of all players. If it was a normal Survivor and not ”All Star” we would be in favor of punishment.

The second topic I’d like to touch on is the video that was released on social media showing players from the 2021 game eating under an awning. We are obliged as a production – because we did not return them to the beach to cook – to offer them food. To give the players carbohydrates and protein. I saw another performance from the show and that upset me a lot.”

However, Giorgos Lianos also made other revelations, some of which are sure to be discussed a lot in the coming hours… The presenter explained that he is making this intervention, not because he feels offended, but for his colleagues. “I don’t allow anyone to ‘shout’ them without evidence. I feel the need to step forward for my partners. Don’t accuse people without evidence. Don’t be a cheerleader, because you talk about cannibalism in the game, but cannibalism is out there.

Also, some shows sent reporters here to report. There was a man who after two months was caught taking money from players. Ajun called the players to his house so that they all keep the agreement they had made and while leaving some took things from his house,” the presenter added.