Ana Baird does a burlesque-themed strip on Instagram and the platform excludes content


Actress Ana Baird, 51, who plays the character Nicole in the soap opera “Um Lugar ao Sol” (Globo), was annoyed with the Instagram platform for having a deleted video in which she performed a burlesque-themed strip. When taking off the top, the breasts were covered with an accessory. Through social networks, he asked: “So many bodies on display on the internet, why doesn’t mine roll?”

In an open letter on social media, the actress complained that the social network thought it was inappropriate content. “I want to say here that it is not part of my universe to share pornographic content, but content that encourages self-acceptance for us to live better in a world so full of social cruelties”, she posted.

in contact with the F5, a friend of Ana, the person responsible for her Instagram account, gave more details. “After we received notification that the material was inappropriate, we sent a response saying it was free-body content, but no one contacted us,” he says.

“We made an open letter not to create controversy, but to make us reflect on the importance of talking about the body not as a pornographic expression, but as an expression of love. We have to walk together and it is worth loving each other”, he adds.

When contacted, Instagram said it needed more time to understand what had happened and that it would send an official response. As soon as this happens, the answer will enter this text.

Baird had been away from soap operas for 30 years when the invitation arrived, “around 1915, before the pandemic”, joked the actress in a recent phone conversation with the F5. With a lot of sympathy and laughter at all times, the actress said that she even doubted when she saw the message from Maurício Farias, artistic director of the plot, on her cell phone.

“It was a thing like, my God in heaven. Wow! At this point in the championship… Crazy. Very good, I really didn’t expect it”, he said in an excited tone and without pauses in his speech. She had even sent her updated details to casting producer Andrea Imperatore, but didn’t know what project she was on.

When asked about the partnerships formed on the set, the actress only praises Alinne Moraes, 38, and Andrea Beltrão, 58. The three are sisters in the plot, who live a very typical relationship of brothers, with a lot of complicity, but also with lots of friction. The father of this trio is Santiago, played by José de Abreu, 75.

And a lot of the friction between Nicole and her family revolves around her weight. If, on the one hand, Bárbara (Alinne Moraes) embarrasses her with censures about her eating habits, on the other hand, she is also the one who defends her father’s sister, who classifies her as lazy and unwilling to lose weight.

Baird says he lent Nicole a lot of his experiences, as she has the same “character size” and also a lot of the consequences that fatphobia leaves. And for the actress, this appears in the form of outbursts and attacks that the character has, mainly, against her family members.

“Nicole is critical, says things, gets to be rude at times. But it’s because of a painful place that she has. I thought it was very important for the character to bring that pain. People have to know the impact of what they say. people practice fatphobia under the pretense of helping, but that doesn’t help.”


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