Absent from today’s catwalk of “My Style Rocks” on SKAI, Irini Papavasileiou, while Christiana won the first place.

The day started with the impressive performance of Vasiliki, who has returned…for good to the competition by collecting 10.9 points which brought her to the second place.

The trio was completed by Nicole with 9.3 points, who won over the judges with a highly realistic concept and the christening of her bestie’s baby in a few weeks from now.

A positive presence for both Olga and Emilia who collected 8.9 and 8.6 points respectively, but without missing the… “good guys”.

First Eftychia told Olga that her appearance refers to.. “Spiderman”, while Emilia disagreed with Christiana’s plan for a reunion in her villa with all the players of the competition, with the first revealing that she would not invite them all.

Presence with a positive sign for Irini Kazaki, who collected 7.5 points and showed what she was wearing under her fur to Iliana Papageorgiou!

The weakest effort belongs to Eftychia who collected 4.6 points, without managing to impress anyone from the jury, and Iliana Papageorgiou stressing that nothing matched her appearance.

The winner of the day, Christianna achieved a… back-to-back victory, “winning” everyone on the set of “My Style Rocks”, while she managed to get two 4s from Stelios Koudounaris and Iliana Papageorgiou.