Guest on the show “Our breakfast” with Fai Skordasto was the favorite actress Mimi Denisis. The actress – although tired – said that she is very well, while revealing that the words “I’m bored and tired” are absent from her vocabulary. As she explained, creating for her is relaxation.

About the success of the film “My dear Smyrna”, Ms. Denisi stated that the film has “traveled” quite a bit and is “traveling”. “The film played in Australia and now I know it’s playing in China, Russia and Germany. It tears, which I didn’t even imagine. The film became a worldwide success.”

The actress revealed that the film “Smyrna My Beloved” has become a lesson at Harvard. “In a Greek university, it will take a while,” said the actress meaningfully.

“For me, this entire course of the film was something unexpected and moving. When you are awarded by the Academy of Athens, the Church of Greece, UNESCO, what complaint can you have…”.

In response to the presenter’s question about whether the film has the same impact in Greece as compared to abroad, Mrs. Denisi pointed out that there are many websites and shows that pick up on trifles and turn them into topics. However, her decision to tackle difficult subjects is a conscious one.

“It’s much easier for me to ‘upload’ a comedy, that I like to laugh and I also like humor. A comedy needs neither research nor a staff of thirty. I think we have to offer in this country. Let’s try to make the level very high, because abroad they have that level for us and things are done easily. Everything that was external came easily to me. It was not done by the state. America is the land of opportunities and they offered me many things. They offered me a movie,” revealed Mimi Denisi.

As for what her dreams are, the actress said that there is no end to her relationship with Smyrna. Now instead of Mimi, many call her “Filio”. “I identified so much with Smyrna. There are many people who feel vindicated by the film. They identified me with their own justification. Justification did not come from the state. On New Year’s Eve, I will do the “New Homeland” in Thessaloniki.”

Mimi Denisi revealed that it is possible – no signatures have yet been signed – to star as a Greek in an Italian TV series. “The doors are open abroad, we Greeks are just afraid of it.”

Finally, regarding Lakis Lazopoulos, he explained that he has nothing to do with him. “It’s a fake story that the sites are perpetuating.” In fact, he added that he would have no problem working with him. “Lazopoulos mentioned me 3,000 times and I answered 3. Someone who deals with a woman for 20 years, has a relationship with her. We should have fun in life. Let’s not have toxicity ourselves,” Mimi Denisi said with humor.