Online 75 post-punk and hardcore concerts from the 1980s – Where to see them


Between 1985 and 1988, teen Sohrab Habibion ​​went to punk and post-punk concerts in the Washington DC area. Carrying his bulky video camera, he recorded the wonderful nights he spent. He was unaware at the time that he was creating such an important time capsule, but his videos have now been digitized and posted on YouTube, thanks to Roswell Films and the DC Public Library’s Punk Archive.

“Please keep in mind that I was a teenager when I shot these shows and had no professional equipment experience,” Habibion ​​writes. “And, as you can imagine, no one did anything with the lights or the sound to make things better. “What you get here is what I recorded with my Betamax and it is probably best appreciated with a little generosity on the part of the viewer.”

Among the Diamonds is Fugazi’s full concert on December 28, 1987, a year before their first EP; , before turning to pop. GWAR concert in 1988, the year they made their debut. And, the punk band Dain Bramage, with Dave Grohl on drums, long before he played with Nirvana and the Foo Fighters.

Habibion ​​pursued a musical career, first as a frontman of the post-hardcore band Edsel and now as a member of SAVAK.

You can see the concerts here

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