Her first problem was faced by Shakira in Miami, where she arrived a few days ago to start a new chapter in her life with her children, Milan and Sasha.

Unfortunately, he was unable to move into the mansion located in one of the most prestigious areas of South Beach. The problem, according to “Marca”, is that the house is infested with termites. Shakira and her family can’t move until the problem is fixed. However, a pest control company was called in last week to help the singer.

To maintain her privacy, Shakira put up a tarp to cover the house that overlooks the bay. According to the report, the area is a popular spot for yachting tourists in the bay and she wants to ensure her children have a peaceful life.

It is unknown if Shakira will remain at the termite-infested location, as she has recently been seen looking for another location. According to reports, she is willing to spend $50 million on a new mansion, much larger than the previous one, to enjoy with her children.

Shakira was accompanied by a real estate agent and has already visited some of the best options available to her. The original home, which was infested with termites, is worth about $15 million.