The Lesvos Police Department issued an official announcement late on Thursday, April 20, regarding the incident of domestic violence that occurred in Mytilini.

In detail, the announcement states:

“She was arrested, today (20-04-2023) in Mytilene, after the immediate mobilization of police officers of the Mytilene Police Department, home country, against whom a criminal case was filed for attempted homicide, as well as for violation of domestic violence legislation.

In particular and according to the data of the investigation, at midday today, the arrested woman, after a verbal incident with her local husband, in the interior of a store maintained by the latter in Mytilini, surrounded him with a flammable liquid and set him on fire, as a consequence his serious injury.

The pre-investigative work is carried out by the Security Sub-Directorate of Mytilene”.

The timeline of the case

According to information, the businessman’s wife – under unknown circumstances – surrounded him yesterday afternoon with flammable liquid and set him on fire.

The man was taken to the hospital with very severe burns (45%) of the first, second and third degrees on his neck, chest, back and legs.

He was intubated because he could not breathe due to the serious injuries and at 10 pm on Thursday he was airlifted to the Papanikolaou hospital in Thessaloniki.

His wife was arrested and on Friday morning she will be taken to the Mytilene District Attorney.