Lexa denies eviction and says that buying the house was a bad deal


The legal imbroglio involving Lexa and MC Guimê gained another chapter this Monday (24) with the disclosure that the two would have received an eviction order due to a debt of R$ 3 million for the purchase of a property in the Alphaville condominium (SP), in 2016. The singer denied that she was evicted and even revealed that she did not sign any document regarding the negotiation. “It was Guimê who signed and he signed the most bizarre contract in the world because he trusted the wrong people.”

“I left there years ago and that house was the biggest mistake of Guimê’s life. The property had overdue property tax bills, structural problems and the floor plan was all irregular at the city hall. The owners hadn’t paid the builder and then they started charging Guimê. I never got involved in the negotiations and I was always left out. They [os proprietários] now they want to pay with saints?, questioned Lexa.

The initial property value would be R$ 2.2 million, but representatives of the owners claim that the singer, expelled from BBB 23 on charges of sexual harassment, failed to pay more than R$ 700,000 in the last seven years. Currently, the debt amount is estimated at almost R$ 3 million. Lexa was keen to warn people about the danger of a real estate negotiation. “Before signing a contract, read and reread everything because then you get all chipped and you lose,” she explained.

The singer even confided that she already has a new property to call her own and took a photo in front of the property. “This is my new house, which I Bought with great pride and will be ready next year. A correct house, with the right documentation, everything ok. I hadn’t posted before because I was waiting to be ready to share this special moment with you Thanks to God, I conquered my things with a lot of struggle and hard work.”

Source: Folha

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