The Netflix officially renewed the series “Big Mouth” for an eighth and final season. It will now be the longest-running series in the streaming service’s history outside of kids and family programming.

The final two seasons of the adult animated series will premiere in 2023 and 2024. The sixth season aired in October 2022.

“If you told teenagers Nick Kroll and Andrew Goldberg that it would take them eight years to finish high school, they’d say ‘yeah, that sounds about right.’ It feels like it will never be finished,” said series co-creator, star and executive producer Nick Kroll.

“Big Mouth is a huge achievement in animated comedy that will make Netflix history for its longevity,” added Billy Wee, director of adult animation programming for Netflix. “We’re thrilled to have two more hilarious seasons to share with fans before this brilliant coming-of-age story comes to an end,” he added.

“Big Mouth” premiered in September 2017 and is inspired by the childhood of Kroll and co-creator Andrew Goldberg. It follows the two and their group of friends as they go through adolescence with their “hormone monster” and features a cast including Maya Rudolph and Jordan Peele.