The “Ioannis Papaevstathiou” Innovation Award was received by the 11th Primary School of Kalamaria for the “Wedoguard” application, a robotic level crossing guarding system that was presented at last year’s Student Informatics Conference.

On April 25, the first day of the 15th Informatics Student Conference, the Thessaloniki Experimental High School was also awarded for the “Other Air” application. It is an innovative air purification system in school classrooms that works with microcontrollers and sensors.

During the opening of the 15th Informatics Student Conference at NOISIS, the Deputy Minister of the Interior responsible for Macedonian Thrace issues, Stavros Kalafatis, among other things, referred to the advantage of Thessaloniki, which has entered the “radar” of large IT and innovation companies abroad, and to the advantages of the region, which we can leverage to launch developments in the new world that is taking shape.

Greetings were sent by the Deputy Minister of Development and Investments, responsible for Research and Innovation, Member of Parliament for Corinth Christos Dimas, who referred to the evolution of the Informatics Student Conference, which has already completed 15 years of presence.

Speaking during the opening of the first day of the Student Conference, the Deputy Regional Governor for Digital Governance, Angelos Charisteas, emphasized that the ecosystem that has been created with the city’s Universities, EKETA, the Directorate of Regional Education and NOISIS creates an ideal environment for the development of student innovation.