Today, Thursday, April 27, his two lawsuits are being heard George Kimoulis against Zeta Doukas, Dora Chrysikos, Nikos Psarras, as well as the Greek Actors’ Union (SEH) and members of the Disciplinary Council, in which the actor requests compensation of 1.2 million euros for moral damage and lost profits.

Zeta Douka was the one who started it and in January 2021 publicly denounced Giorgos Kimoulis – specifically on a TV show – for abusive behavior, opening the “Aeolos’ asko”.

Shortly after 9:30, Giorgos Kimoulis appeared in the courts of the Evelpidon School, with his lawyer, Vassilis Kapernaros, by his side.

In his statements to journalists, Giorgos Kimoulis said that “the #MeToo movement is a great movement. It’s been about 17 years since Tarana Burke laid the foundation. It has landed too many rapists and abusers in court and in prison. At the same time, however, some persons have appeared who tried to take advantage of this whole movement. It seems that it is in human nature to lie, but also to make false complaints”, said Giorgos Kimoulis.

At another point, the actor emphasized that “these persons -in his opinion-, apart from the fact that they slander and create moral harm to those who falsely report, must be punished, precisely, to protect this important movement”.

For his part, the actor’s lawyer, Vassilis Karpenaros, said: “It is not justified after 13 years to go on a show and say what you say, when you know that these cannot be proven”, referring to the actress Zeta Doukas. “It’s a short film, a sketch that these three people decided to play together,” he added.